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AEM Holdings

On 12 March 2018, bought 700 shares of AEM at $7.36 each.

AEM has a good run up on its share price since last year Jan 2017 from $0.60 to current $7.59 which reflects the great bull run of Semi Conductor Industry related stocks since March 2017 till now.

The proposed 3 bonus shares for 1 existing share had received approval from SGX-ST on 13 March 2018.

My AEM shares will become 2800 after the bonus shares is issued but the bonus share will not be entitled to the final dividend $0.065.

Total dividend FY2017 is $0.12 per share equates to AEM 25% NPAT which means AEM has more room to increase its dividend payout.

So what is the catalyst that is propping AEM into new highs?

AEM High Density Modular Testing Machine

AEM provides handling & test solutions to microprocessors, high speed communications, Internet of Things & Solar Cells manufacturers in the world.

And the strategy is to works with  its client's and develop the product that is speci…

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