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SPH FY2018 Financial Result

FY2018 Operating Profit remains steadily at $206.3 million as compare FY2017 of $205.4 million.
Investment income boosted to $115.2 million due to divestment from Treasury & Investment Portfolio,a huge increase of  $61.3 million as compare FY2017.
 FY2018 net profit at $281.1 million, a drop of $68.9 million as compare FY2017 of  $350 million. 
However, there is a one off gain FY2017 due to divestment gain of $149.6 million.

Net profit FY2018 marginally better than FY2017 if exclude divestment gain.

In my opinion, SPH recurring profit from media, property & other business remains stable at $206 million ,I don't expect a huge change in this segment till the Woodleigh project start to contribute in FY2019 & the income from UK student accommodation,

Based on Business Times news, the UK investment expected earnings accretive at least 6.3% which is approx. $20 million per annum based on $321 million acquisition price.

However Investment income is a variable income ,its inc…

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