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Further increase position on SingTel & Sold IREIT

On 17th July 2018, sold 10000 shares of IREIT at $0.785 each & made a small profit out of this transaction.

The decision to sell  IREIT is to build up ammo for the purchase of Singtel shares.

And on 24th July 2018, I further increase my position on Singtel & bought 9000 shares at $3.32 each.

This bring my Singtel share holding to 27000 shares.

At the end of this year, Singapore telco landscape will never be the same again.

The scenario reminds me the period of  7 Warring States who fought for supremacy to control China.

I foresee that the entry of 4th telco operator will be struggling for its survival rather than compete with the 3 incumbents.

I might be wrong, but time will tells.

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