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Increase position on UOB

On 18th of March 2020, added another 500 shares of UOB at $19.72 per share.

Fed also announced unlimited QE to support the markets on 23 March.

For the past few days, Singapore imported Covid-19 cases are increasing at a alarming rate.

Based on information available, Singapore National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) have 300 beds available & in order to free up beds in anticipation of new cases ,about 49 Covid -19 patients had been transferred to private hospitals.

I believe more measures or even lockdown will be introduce soon if Covid-19 cant be contain in Singapore ,so far we are doing not bad in terms of containment.

Our government strategy is to slow the spread of  virus to a level that our healthcare system will not be overwhelmed by sudden spike of infected people while waiting for vaccine or a cure to be developed.

I looking forward for this Thursday relief package to be announce by DPM Heng & I have a strong feelings this is the biggest relief package ever seen…

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