Increase position on UOB

On 18th of March 2020, added another 500 shares of UOB at $19.72 per share.

Fed also announced unlimited QE to support the markets on 23 March.

For the past few days, Singapore imported Covid-19 cases are increasing at a alarming rate.

Based on information available, Singapore National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) have 300 beds available & in order to free up beds in anticipation of new cases ,about 49 Covid -19 patients had been transferred to private hospitals.

I believe more measures or even lockdown will be introduce soon if Covid-19 cant be contain in Singapore ,so far we are doing not bad in terms of containment.

Our government strategy is to slow the spread of  virus to a level that our healthcare system will not be overwhelmed by sudden spike of infected people while waiting for vaccine or a cure to be developed.

I looking forward for this Thursday relief package to be announce by DPM Heng & I have a strong feelings this is the biggest relief package ever seen since the founding of our Nation.

The good news is China & USA had simultaneously start Covid-19 vaccine trials on Humans & hopefully the vaccine can be launch in 12 months to 18 months.

China is also displaying its exemplary leadership by providing medical supplies relief assistance to 82 countries.

Wuhan, the epic centre of Covid 19 will be removed from lockdown soon.

 Attached a video of workers disinfect the railway station for the last time before reopen to the public.


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