FY2019 Dividend Income

FY2019 dividend income at $18942.28. Total gain of $2291.18 from disposal of  Singtel, Ascott & Fraser Commercial Trust

Total income FY2019 at  $21233.46 which translates into monthly income of $1769.45.

SPH  & SingTel formed 68.84 % of the total dividend income.

I will be scooping up more Mapletree & Healthcare reits when opportunity arises.

To digress, last week my neighbour passed away in the hospital after being hospitalized for several days.

It was a shock to me as my neighbour was admitted to hospital because of diarrhea  & vomiting

To witness a healthy person to be gone in such a short span of time really makes me rethinks how fragile our life is.

SingTel                                             : $1602.09
Ascott                                               : $437.26
Fraser Commercial Trust               : $257.83

Net Profit                                         : $2291.18

SPH                                                   : $9600
SingTel                                              : $3441
Mapletree Commercial Trust         : $1580.8
Mapletree Logistic Trust                : $594.44
Keppel Corp                                      : $460
Sliverlake Axis                                  : $280
Ascott                                                : $198.3
Mapletree N.A Commercial Trust  : $945.14
Fraser Logistics Trust                     : $420
Fraser Commercial Trust                : $177.6
Mapletree Industrial Trust              : $301.5
CapitalRetail China Trust               : $943.5

Total dividend received                  : $18942.28


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