Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust

On 13 November 2019, Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust share price dropped to 11 months low at $1.15 due to rioters had broke into & extensively damaged Festival Walk.They even set fire on a large Christmas tree & office lobby.

In my opinion, this incident present a rare buying opportunity to scope up its shares cheaply based on HK situation will eventually come under control with China intervention or the introduce of emergency law/curfew by HK SAR government which I foresee it will come anytime soon.

The healing of  Hong Kong society need a comprehensive & bold measure to address its deep rooted social issues such as housing crunch ,employment issue & etc.

The Hong Kong Police which is now under immense pressure had also come to the verge of breakdown which i saw Traffic Police using the bikes to ram the rioters, pepper spraying onlooker & reporters & the shooting of the rioters.

Also , rioters setting fire on a innocent civilian who is currently in intensive care unit, who is a father of 2 children , pray that he will get well soon. I do see hope from the vids that HK people are standing up against the rioters by confronting & chasing them away from setting up roadblocks.

I hope to see more HK people will do the same, after all HK is their home & why let the rioters destroy their livelihood & home in such a insensible way.

Rioters damaging Festival Walk

Rioter set fire on innocent man (Warning, Disturbing video)

HK citizens standing up against rioters


  1. I'm sorry I don't share the same optimism. In my humble opinion, HK is finished. Whether or not China were to intervene is irrelevant as the international community still blames China and the police due to strong social media campaign by the protestors.

    1. China will intervene if the situation in HK is out of control & imo it is crucial as so far HK Police have been unable to effectively restore peace & order.I watched with disbelief that the HK Police armored cars are unable to penetrate the rioters barricade & were force to retreat with burning flames on their vehicles & tears gas now are practically useless against the well equipped rioters.I strongly believe HK can shine again when peace is restored.

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