Be the Master of your own Destiny : Towards Financial Freedom

Mapletree Commercial Trust had hit all time high at $2.28.

I hope for the price to retraces so that I can add more to my existing position but it keeps climbing non stop.I guess I have to wait a little more longer.

Recently, the Company I working in had decided to limit our overtime, it gradually cut from a certain number of OT to Zero OT and it will take effect very soon.

The rationale to cut OT is to stay Competitive as what i have hear from my department boss.

He mentioned it was instruction from Upper Management & he had no clue why did they implement it despite our Company is making a lot of money. He reckon maybe the parent company might have some losses on their business venture overseas  but even our parent company are making money too and it making more than last year.

From what i had analyze, our top chief is a new guy and like all business, manpower cost is the biggest expenses of all.

I guess he had to bring staff costs down so that the bottom line will looks good & a better profit than last year will shows he is a capable CEO than the previous one, after all business is all about profitability.

The thing I want to share is our career can take a sharp turns very quickly & unexpectedly.

In this case they freeze our OT even though the Company is making money. What happen if the Company start losing money? or earn lesser profit year on year? Maybe down sizing or pay cut is very possible.

Either we take a passive approach :wait for the inevitable to come or we take a active approach which is start planning our finances by saving more & investing early  else we will be at the mercy of others.

There is no more iron bowl job that will lasts forever

I don't want to sound pessimistic but there is a Chinese saying "居安思危“。

I must admit that doing OT is indeed tiring but it is very rewarding. It greatly enhances my annual earning & speed up the process towards Financial Freedom. But for now it seems that it will slow down my schedule of reaching it but for sure i know i will reach there & fortunately i had started it 9 years ago.