Mapletree Family & Frasers Commercial Trust

On 24th July 2019, bought 5,000 shares of Mapletree Industrial Trust at $2.28 per share.

On the same day, I increased my position on Mapletree Logistics by 4,000 shares at $1.60 per share & Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust by 4,300 shares at $1.41 per share.
After the purchase,my holdings for Mapletree Logistics & Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust will increase to 10,000 shares & 14,300 shares respectively.

Initially I am concerned about the political situation in Hongkong which will affects the Mapletree North Asia as 62% property income derive from its Festival Walk property in HK.Though the management have mentioned they have done pre-empt measures but is helpless if the unrest continue or spread to the mall.

On the side note,the students in HK are patriotic & I admired their patriotism to participate in a peaceful protest but I condemned their destructive acts of creating unrest in the country. Because they are young & their fiery nationalism towards the country will be misused by people with ill intention to gain benefit by creating unrest & social tension in the country which makes them no different  from rioters. The students have turned violent & behave like hooligans by disrupting public transport & staging road blockade but the authorities have exercise great restrain on them.

I intend to increase my holding on Mapletree Commercial Trust but its price is not attractive enough for me to initiate a position so I will rather wait for the price to retraces.

Currently, I hold all 4 listed Mapletree counters in my portfolio and will be planning to add on when the opportunity arise.

 On 26th July 2019,also bought 3,700 shares of Frasers Commercial Trust at $1.64 per share.


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