Mid Year Portfolio 2018

Times files and we are coming to mid of 2018.Have you ever has a burning desire to do things  you want to do but still not done yet ? Life is short,  go for your dreams , purse your interests & live no regrets because we only live once.

The path to F.I.R.E that every investors desire seems so far and yet so near to me.

A quick recap for Mid Year 2018 ,added IFAST &  Frasers L&I Trust.

Currently a total of 11 stocks in my Portfolio.

Based on 30 April price,the portfolio value stands at $353,700.

The value will be greater if SPH price could recover to $4 region.

SPH had been a laggard , pulling back the total performance of the Portfolio & hopefully the staggered completion of Bidadari  mixed residential & commercial project will sent its price upward again in the near to mid term.

Ausnet Services is going to voluntary delist from SGX. This is a defensive stock which gives decent dividends over the years & it is a pity that it had to delist .However ,it will continue to list in ASX.

I plan to sell it after collecting its dividends. It has been a good ride for me in this counter with good dividends & the realized profits will enable me to deploy the cash to other counter.


  1. Hi DT

    Wow, your SPH value is so much.... You have a lot of vested shares in the company.

  2. Hi B , it is the first stock I buy & keeps on adding on, it forms abt 62 % of the portfolio but I must admit my position on SPH is very concentrated & the value of the portfolio is very dependent on SPH price movement but for this stock I can get a sound sleep knowing that it will not go bust.


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