Mid Year Portfolio 2018

Times files and we are coming to mid of 2018.Have you ever has a burning desire to do things  you want to do but still not done yet ? Life is short,  go for your dreams , purse your interests & live no regrets because we only live once.

The path to F.I.R.E that every investors desire seems so far and yet so near to me.

A quick recap for Mid Year 2018 ,added IFAST &  Frasers L&I Trust.

Currently a total of 11 stocks in my Portfolio.

Based on 30 April price,the portfolio value stands at $353,700.

The value will be greater if SPH price could recover to $4 region.

SPH had been a laggard , pulling back the total performance of the Portfolio & hopefully the staggered completion of Bidadari  mixed residential & commercial project will sent its price upward again in the near to mid term.

Ausnet Services is going to voluntary delist from SGX. This is a defensive stock which gives decent dividends over the years & it is a pity that it had to delist .However ,it will continue to list in ASX.

I plan to sell it after collecting its dividends. It has been a good ride for me in this counter with good dividends & the realized profits will enable me to deploy the cash to other counter.


  1. Hi DT

    Wow, your SPH value is so much.... You have a lot of vested shares in the company.

  2. Hi B , it is the first stock I buy & keeps on adding on, it forms abt 62 % of the portfolio but I must admit my position on SPH is very concentrated & the value of the portfolio is very dependent on SPH price movement but for this stock I can get a sound sleep knowing that it will not go bust.

  3. Ausnet's price dropped a lot now, maybe due to bulk-sale now. Have you sold the shares yourself, or should we move to ASX-listing? Or Ausnet can help us bulk-sell our shares on ASX (we don't need to pay brokerage fees)? If hold ASX-listing, what are the inconveniences (eg. dividends come by AUD-cheque via post? any problem to get taxed on these dividends?). Where to find out these issues? Many thanks!

    1. You are right, most probably investor will want to lock in profits before the bulk sale of shares commences . For me I have sold all my Ausnet shares .Ausnet will help u sell ur shares with no brokerage fee if u had fill up the form to allow Ausnet to sell shares on ur behalf. Currently there is a 15% withholding tax on Australian dividends. Since this is the first time I encounter the delisting on SGX & continue listing at ASX , I must admit I should have sell my shares earlier when the price is ard 1.7+ when the news is out but this is a good lessons learnt.For more info, u can visit https://www.ausnetservices.com.au/Misc-Pages/Links/Investor-Centre/ASX-releases dated 28 May section or u can consult your broker

    2. Yes now too late, price has dropped, I'm still holding Ausnet shares. For a brokerage to handle dividend, sale, etc., I just checked with iOCBC, & also read a bit about Interactive Brokers. Usual brokerages need me to pay some fees (transfer, custodian, dividend handling), only IB doesn't charge some of these fees, but its monthly fee can be waived only if I buy more overseas shares to add up to $100,000 value (after price drop, my Ausnet value is below $70,000, not enough). Like you rightly mentioned, Australia itself already has 15% tax on dividend, and probably 30% (or 15% after 1year) tax on capital gains when selling. So holding at ASX means these extra costs & efforts. So I've just mailed the bulk-sale form out. Thank you so much!

    3. You are most welcomed, btw currently we are not subjected to the capital gains tax in Australia. :)


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