Increase position on SingTel

On 25th of May 2018 , bought 3000 shares of SingTel at $3.34 each due to recent correction.

Reinvested the dividends collected & a portion of savings to make the money works harder for me.

Recently, I received a "blue bomb" & was shocked that I have to pay my taxes which is double of last year.

This is a good thing with ref to income earning but it stills hurts because my monthly expenses don't even reach that amount.

I also managed to persuade a few of my Colleagues to park their savings into Singapore Savings Bonds instead of bank Fixed Deposits.

It is a great feelings to know that you can influence other people around you which will sharpen their finances and will ultimately improves their lives many years to come.


  1. I believe that Singtel is a good buy. I increased my position in it last month too!

    1. I share the same sentiment as you. The entry of 4th telco might be overhyped.The first 2 years is a survival game for TPG. if it cant capture sufficient market shares from 3 incumbent telco, it fate will be the same with Virgin Mobile who had tried to gain a foothold in SG many years ago but failed.

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